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Microbt Whatsminer M50s, Whatsminer M50s Price, SHA-256 algorithm, maximum hash rate is 126Th/s, power consumption is 3276W, It was born in July 2022. The size of the whole machine is 125*225*425mm, and the appropriate operating temperature is 5-45°C. After testing, the noise decibel of it is 75db, which conforms to the stipulated noise value. Buy whatsminer m50s online.

Manufacturer Microbt
Also known as Microbt M50S
Cooling Fans
Fan(s) 2
Hashrate, TH/s 126Th/s
Noise level 75db
Power 3276W
Release July 2022

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Microbt Whatsminer M50s, Whatsminer M50s Price, SHA-256 set of rules, maximum hash rate is 126Th/s, strength intake is 3276W, It becomes born in July 2022. The length of the whole gadget is 125*225*425mm, and the suitable working temperature is five-45°C. After testing, the noise decibel of its miles is 75db, which conforms to the stipulated noise price. Buy whatsminer m50s on line.

Specifications of Microbt Whatsminer M50S

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M50S 126ThReleaseJuly 2022Size125 x 225 x 425mmChip size5nmNoise level75dbFan(s)2Power3276WInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 45 °CHumidity5 – 95 %

The Whatsminer M50S is a high-overall performance ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies. It is one of the most powerful miners to be had in the marketplace today and is designed to address heavy workloads for mining various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In this text, we can offer an introduction to the Whatsminer M50S miner and speak about its functions, specs, and benefits.

Overview of the Whatsminer M50S

The Whatsminer M50S is an effective ASIC miner this is designed to mine cryptocurrencies with the usage of the SHA-256 set of rules. It is synthetic by way of MicroBT, a leading manufactory of ASIC miners. The M50S was released in July 2022, and it quickly became a famous preference among miners because of its excessive efficiency and occasional strength intake.

The Whatsminer M50S is quite an efficient miner, with a hash price of 126Th/s (Tera Hashes in keeping with second) and a strength consumption of best 3500W. It is prepared with 288 BM1387 ASIC chips, which are optimized for mining cryptocurrencies with the use of the SHA-256 algorithm. The M50S also functions as a high-velocity fan gadget that facilitates holding the miner cool and ensures premier overall performance.

Features of the Whatsminer M50S

The Whatsminer M50S is packed with capabilities that make it a relatively efficient and dependable miner. Some of its key capabilities encompass:

High hash rate: The M50S is designed to deliver a hash rate of 126Th/s, making it one of the most effective miners available within the marketplace these days.

Low strength consumption: The M50S consumes the best 3276W of energy, making it exceedingly power-efficient in comparison to different miners in its magnificence.

Advanced cooling gadget: The M50S features an excessive-pace fan machine that facilitates holding the miner cool and making certain gold-standard overall performance.

Reliable overall performance: The M50S is designed to supply dependable and stable overall performance, even beneath heavy workloads.

User-pleasant interface: The M50S comes with a consumer-pleasant interface that makes it easy for users to set up and operate the miner.

Specifications of the Whatsminer M50S

The Whatsminer M50S has the following specifications:

Hash rate: 126Th/s

Power consumption: 3276W

ASIC chips: 288 BM1387 chips

Operating temperature: five-forty five°C

Network connection: Ethernet

Noise stage: 75dB

Size: 125 x 225 x 425mm

Benefits of the Whatsminer M50S

The Whatsminer M50S offers several blessings to miners. Some of its key benefits consist of:

High performance: The M50S is incredibly efficient and consumes best a fraction of the electricity required by using other miners in its elegance.

High profitability: The M50S is designed to deliver high profitability, making it a popular desire amongst miners.

Low protection: The M50S requires minimum renovation, which means that miners can focus on mining cryptocurrencies without stressful approximately maintaining the miner.

Easy to use: The M50S comes with a consumer-friendly interface that makes it clean for users to install and function the miner.


The Whatsminer M50S is a high-performance ASIC miner that designs to mine cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 set of rules. It is one of the maximum powerful and efficient miners available within the marketplace these days, and it gives several advantages to miners, together with excessive efficiency, excessive profitability, low upkeep, and ease of use. If you are searching for a reliable and green miner for mining cryptocurrencies, the Whatsminer M50S is genuinely worth considering.

The Whatsminer M50S uses a Samsung 8nm chip, which could increase the electricity performance to 30J/T. Due to the M50S ‘ superpower, many Bitcoin miners are after it. Currently, the M50S gadget available on the market is likewise in a short delivery, but compared to the unique situation, the present-day situation is an awful lot better. If you are interested in the M50S, please touch us.

First of all, thank you for your hobby and the help of X-ON MINING. To keep away from misunderstandings in the procedure of buying a miner, please read all the following notes carefully before placing your order. Thank you very much for your knowledge!

1 -Payment

Given the unique dynamics of the miner marketplace, when we acquire your payment, the miner’s price may additionally have been modified and we may want to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining gadget orders, and the amount of each batch is very restricted.  Even if the same type of mining system is, exceptional batches of mining machine prices are not the same.  They’re selling speedy.  Given the tremendously variable market and demand, the charges of inventory miners can also range from each day.  Therefore, there may be a possibility that by the time we obtain your price, the charge for the mining system has gone up and we need to refund your order.

2 – About inventory miners

The shipping date of stock Microbt Whatsminer M50S is three-7 running days. Once we get hold of your order, we can right now notify our technical center staff to test the system you ordered to make certain it works nicely. We’ll also send you a video for confirmation. We will send the machine to you best when we affirm that each one of the residences of the gadget is accurate. Then, we will supply the machine to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill variety on our internet site and you may acquire a detailed email.

3 – About pre-buy miners

The real transport date of the pre-ordered miner depends on the miner transport date of the factory. We will suggest on the order web page the expected transport month of the pre-ordered miner to your attention. However, there may additionally nonetheless be a put off in transport. First, if the factory shipping date is delayed, then the delivery of the X-ON MINING Mining machine may also be not on time. It is also possible that the plant will now not be able to produce the mining system within the expected time, in which case we will method your order for a refund.

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Buy Microbt Whatsminer M50s

Buy Microbt Whatsminer M50s


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