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About Quake Mining

Quake Mining is a pioneer in crypto mining. We elaborate a mathematical solution that will make token holders receive dividends for life. We are located in Quebec, Canada where electricity cost is very cheap. We will have an access to green energy, benefit from political stability and cold weather most of the year, will cool our equipment. Our chief miner is mining since 2014, we rely on his experience to give us the best result possible. We will always buy the latest and best crypto mining equipment to always be on top of difficulty. We will diversify in GPUs and ASICs for the best long-term result.


Our Vision: Concentrating 100 percent on improving our profitability in crypto mining in the most secure way possible.

Quake Mining

Have a quick look on the information and you will have a good idea of things.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simple; we won’t blind you with ecoverse, debit card, investment, hosting equipment, etc.
We will concentrate 100% of our effort to keep our profitability in crypto mining the highest possible in the most secure way.
With our energy efficiencies, we will be able to operate on lower costs and thereby pass those savings on to our investors.

How it works

Quake Mining token holders will receive Ethereum weekly, based on the amount of Tokens that represent their share in Quake Mining. These tokens will entitle the holders to the profit share of the dividends from Quake Mining operation. 60% of the mining proceed will be distributed as dividends to token holders, 14 % will be use for admin, maintenance, security, insurance and electricity; 1% will be in a fund to finance our own mining facility with full solar capacity to be more energy efficient, The remaining 25% will be reinvested bi-yearly to improve and upgrade our mining infrastructure, in order to beat the increasing mining difficulty and increase the ROI over the years.


• Stable Geopolitical Zone
• Cheap green hydro-electricity 2.4 cents kW/h
• Half of the year the Quebec province experience very cold weather going under 0 and up to minus 30 Celsius degree few months a year saving huge cost in cooling.
• Experience Chief Miner and Advisor in the Crypto Mining since 2014


We will take 25% of the total mining we do and accumulate it to buy the latest technology in crypto mining as it gets out twice a year that way we think we should be able to increase our capacity from 150 to 200 % a year giving always better and better payouts and raising the value of Quake Token.

Constant Payouts

Since the payouts are calculated in function of the token you hold and not the value their worth, the ups and downs of the market prices will never affect your payouts.


Token sale will follow the schedule, the remaining token will be burnt at end of ICO.

Pre-ICO Round

  • Start Date: May 1
  • End Date: May 15
  • Token price: $0.90
  • Total Token: 2.5 Million

ICO Round-1

  • Start Date: May 16
  • End Date: May 31
  • Token price: $1.10
  • Total Token: 8 Million

ICO Round-2

  • Start Date: June 1
  • End Date: June 20
  • Token price: $1.20
  • Total Token: 8 Million

ICO Round-3

  • Start Date: June 21
  • End Date: July 15
  • Token price: $1.30
  • Total Token: 8 Million

Token Distribution

  • 24 million ICO
  • 2.5 million Pre-ICO
  • 1.65 million Affiliate
  • 1.5 million Bounty Campaign
  • 3 million for Founders
  • 350 000 for Contests & Promos

Token Sale

Pre-ICO Date: May 1 — May 15, 2018

ICO Date: May 16, 2018 — July 15, 2018 (or When Hardcap reached)

Token Name: Quake

Token Symbol: Quak

Total token supply: 33.000.000 QUAK

Soft Cap: 2 250 000$ USD

Hardcap: 31 050 000$ USD

Pre-ICO: 2.5 millions coins (~40% discount)

1 Quak = 0.90$ USD

ICO: 24 mln. QUAK

ICO Proceed Distribution

Here how the raised money will be used.
  • 90% for Buying New Equipment
  • 8% Legal and Administration Fee
  • 2% for Unforeseen Expenses

90% Buying new Asics and GPU miners ( including customs and all fees)

8% Administration, Legal, ICO Fees & Marketing, Advisors, Research, Exchange Application

2% Unforeseen Expanse

Mining Reward Distribution

Here is our plan for distribution of mining rewards.
  • 60% Dividends to the Token Holders
  • 25% Put aside for new Equipment
  • 14% Admin
  • 1% Build own facility

Mining Reward Distribution

Token holders are entitled to receive rewards from the proceed of
The 60% dividends of mining proceed in accordance with their total token holding.

The 25 % will be accumulated in a reserve to buy new equipment with the latest technology
every 6 months.

The 14% will be used to pay for administration, security, maintenance team, we will ensure our miner in the best possible way and we will also use this money to pay for our electricity cost which is very low at 2.4 cents kW/h.

The final 1% we put in reserve will be used to build our own facility in 2 years with the most recent progress in solar capacity to be the most energy efficient possible.

Quake Mining is the Revolution
in Cryptocurrency Mining

Founders aim to distribute the Token in a fair way so that every community member could get his part in the revolution.
Quake Mining will bring a revolution in the cryptocurrency Mining for its great community members.


We aim to follow the schedule as strictly as possible.

Idea and Research

Idea and research on the feasibility of the project. Collected Main Points and organised the facts and figures.

Read More

December 2017

Development, Getting Ready

Development of Website, Platform, WhitePaper and Smart Contract. Just getting ready to gather things around.

Read More

March 2018


Pre-Sale of tokens will start on May 1st, 2018 at a special price prior to the ICO.

Read More

May 1st, 2018

Launching ICO

ICO will start on May 16th, 2018. The Token remaining from the sale will be burnt.

Read More

May 16th, 2018

End of ICO, Legal, Research, Exchange Application

Legal, Extensive Research on the latest improvement of technology on the market, meeting with crypto mining manufacturer, then order the best mining equipment available with the best deal. Exchange listing application.

Read More

July 2018

Installation of New Mining Equipment

Installation of New Mining Equipment as we receive it.

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October 2018

First Payouts

The first Payout to the token holders will be paid automatically by our system in November 2018.

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November 2018

Buying New Equipment

We will buy new equipment twice a year with the 25% of the mining proceeds we put in reserve every month to increase our mining capacity constantly.

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Q2 and Q4 2019

Construction of our own Facility

With the 1% of the mining proceed we accumulate in reserve, we will build our own facility with full solar capacity with the most recent development in this space to increase efficiency.

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