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Whatsminer M56 178Th/s~194Th/s 29J/T For Sale, BTC/BCH/BSV, SHA-256 algorithm, maximum hashrate is 194Th/s, maximum hashrate is 5550W, Oil Immersion Cooling Mining. The size of the whole machine is 267*147*401mm, and the weight of the machine is 13 kg. It can be directly connected to Ethernet for use, which is very convenient. The suitable operating temperature of the machine is 0-40° C. Miners are requested to operate in the range of temperatures to avoid damage to the machine. The power consumption ratio of the machine is 29J/T, and the working humidity is 5-95%RH.

Manufacturer Microbt
Model Whatsminer M56
Hashrate, TH/s 178Th/s 182Th/s 184Th/s 186Th/s 188Th/s 192Th/s 194Th/s
Power 5550W
Size 267*147*401mm
Weight 13Kg

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Whatsminer M56 178Th/s~194Th/s 29J/T For Sale, BTC/BCH/BSV, SHA-256 algorithm, most hashrate is 194Th/s, maximum hashrate is 5550W, Oil Immersion Cooling Mining. The size of the complete gadget is 267*147*401mm, and the load of the gadget is 13 kg. It can be directly connected to Ethernet to be used, which may be very convenient. The suitable working temperature of the machine is zero-forty° C. Miners are requested to function in a variety of temperatures to keep away from harm to the system. The energy intake ratio of the system is 29J/T, and the running humidity is five-95 percent RH.

Specifications of Whatsminer M56 178Th/s~194TBuy MicroBT Whatsminer M56 178Thh/s

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M56Crypto AlgorithmSHA256Size267*147*401mmCoinsBTC/BCH/BSVHash rate178TH/s~192TH/sNer weight13KgPower5550WPower Efficiency29J/TTemperature0 ° C to 40 ° COperating humidity5% RH-95% RH, non-condensing

Introduction of Whatsminer M56

The Whatsminer M56 is a powerful and green Bitcoin mining system produced using MicroBT, a leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining devices. Launched in 2023, the M56 is one of the maximum advanced mining machines available in the marketplace, providing an excessive hash rate and energy performance.

The Whatsminer M56 is constructed with advanced ASIC chips which are designed to deliver a hash fee of up to 194 terahashes in keeping with 2nd (TH/s). This high hash fee is performed via using MicroBT’s proprietary chip technology, which enables the device to mine Bitcoin and other SHA-256-primarily based cryptocurrencies with outstanding efficiency.

Strong strength saving

The Whatsminer M56 is likewise highly strength-green, consuming the best 5500 watts of electricity to reap its excessive hash fee. This stage of strength performance is made feasible by using MicroBT’s superior electricity control generation, which optimizes the energy intake of the tool, making it one of the most fee-powerful mining machines available.

Advanced cooling system

The M56 capabilities a trendy cooling machine that ensures the most fulfilling performance and reliability. The cooling device accommodates numerous large enthusiasts that work together to keep the tool’s temperature at a stable level, decreasing the chance of overheating and prolonging the lifespan of the device.

The device is exceptionally customizable, with diverse settings that may be adjusted to optimize mining performance. These settings encompass fan pace, voltage, and frequency. The tool’s intuitive interface makes it smooth for each newbie and skilled miner to apply, letting them satisfactory-song the device’s settings to reap the most excellent mining performance.

High Quality

The Whatsminer M56 is built with splendid materials which can be designed to resist the tough operating conditions of mining operations. The device is equipped with advanced safety capabilities that defend it from overvoltage, overheating, and other risks that could damage the device.

Features of Whatsminer M56

Another key function of the Whatsminer M56 is its versatility. The tool may be used to mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies based totally on the SHA-256 set of rules, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Digibyte. The tool additionally supports both solo mining and pool mining, making it suitable to be used in any mining operation.

The device’s low noise stage makes it suitable to be used in residential regions or small mining farms. The device is also quite compact, permitting it to be set up in tight areas, making it a popular desire for domestic-based miners.

In phrases of profitability, the Whatsminer M56 is one of the greenest Bitcoin mining machines in the marketplace, providing an excessive go-back on investment for miners. It’s low energy consumption and high hash charge make it an appealing option for miners looking to maximize their profits while minimizing their strength expenses.


In the end, the Whatsminer M56 is an effective and efficient Bitcoin mining device that gives a high degree of performance and reliability. Its advanced chip generation, state-of-the-art cooling machine, and intuitive interface make it easy to use and tremendously customizable. Its versatility, sturdiness, and strength performance make it a famous choice among each domestic-based and expert miners.

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2– About stock miners

The transport date of stock Whatsminer M56 is three-7 working days. Once we obtain your order, we will right away notify our technical center team of workers to test the system you ordered to make certain it works well. We’ll also send you a video for confirmation. We will ship the machine to you simplest after we confirm that every one of the homes of the machine is accurate. Then, we will deliver the machine to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill wide variety on our internet site and you’ll receive a detailed email.

three– About pre-buy miners

The actual transport date of the pre-ordered miner relies upon the miner transport date of the manufacturing unit. We will suggest on the order page the estimated transport month of the pre-ordered miner for your consideration. However, there may additionally still be a put-off in shipping. First, if put off the manufacturing facility delivery date, then may also put off the delivery of the X-ON MINING Mining system. It is also viable that the plant will now not be capable of producing the mining gadget within the predicted time, in which case we can procedure your order for reimbursement.

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Buy MicroBT Whatsminer M56 178Th


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