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DesiweMiner K9S For Sale, K9S Miner 130T 4950W, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, maximum hash rate is 130Th/s, power consumption is 4950W. AC Input Voltage is 200-240V, The AC Input Frequency Range is 47-63Hz. Without packaging, the bare metal size of the machine is 300*200*415mm, and the bare weight of the machine is 17.7 kg.

Manufacturer Desiwe
Model K9S
Hashrate, TH/s 130Th/s
Power 4950W
Size 300*200*415mm
Weight 17.7Kg

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DesiweMiner K9S For Sale, K9S Miner 130T 4950W, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, maximum hash rate is 130Th/s, and energy intake is 4950W. AC Input Voltage is 200-240V, and The AC Input Frequency Range is forty-seven-63Hz. Without packaging, the naked metal length of the device is three hundred*2 hundred*415mm, and the bare weight of the system is 17.7 kg, which is likewise distinctly heavy amongst all cryptocurrency miners. The appropriate use temperature of the device is -20-70°C, the suitable use humidity is 10-ninety%, and the perfect use surroundings can efficiently amplify the provider lifestyles of the gadget.

Specifications of DesiweMiner K9S

ManufacturerDesiweModelK9SCrypto AlgorithmSHA256Size300*200*415mmWeight17.7KgAC Input Voltage200-240VAC Input Frequency Range47-63HzFan(s)5Power4950WInterfaceEthernetTemperature-20– 70 °CHumidity10 – 90 %

K9S Miner Introduction

The DesiweMiner K9S is a high-overall performance cryptocurrency mining rig that is designed to mine Ethereum and other SHA-256-based cryptocurrencies. It is powered through the contemporary generation of ASIC chips and has a hash charge of as much as one hundred thirty terahashes in line with 2d. The K9S is likewise very efficient, eating 4950 watts of electricity consistent with terahash. This makes it one of the maximum worthwhile cryptocurrency mining rigs in the marketplace.

Key Features

Hash charge of as much as a hundred thirty terahashes in line with 2d

The efficiency of 4950 watts in step with terahash

Pre-installed running system and software

Easy to set up and use

Reliable and lengthy lifespan


Profitable: The DesiweMiner K9S is one of the maximum profitable cryptocurrency mining rigs available on the market.

Efficient: The K9S consumes 4950 watts of power in step with terahash, making it one of the greenest mining rigs to be had.

Easy to apply: The K9S is straightforward to install and use, even for beginners.

Reliable: The K9S is a reliable and long-lasting mining rig.

How it works

The DesiweMiner K9S makes use of a technique referred to as proof-of-paintings to mine cryptocurrencies. Proof-of-paintings is a device that calls for miners to solve complicated mathematical issues so that it will upload blocks to the blockchain. The first miner to clear up trouble is rewarded with block praise, which is a certain quantity of cryptocurrency.

The DesiweMiner K9S is very green at fixing those problems due to the fact it’s miles powered using the trendy technology of ASIC chips. ASIC chips are designed especially for mining cryptocurrencies and can be lots quicker than well-known-motive processors.

How to set it up

The DesiweMiner K9S is easy to install. Simply connect it to a power supply, an internet connection, and a mining pool. Once the rig is installed, you may start mining cryptocurrencies.

How to keep it

The DesiweMiner K9S is a dependable and long-lasting mining rig, but it is important to preserve it properly. Make sure to preserve the rig cool and dirt-unfastened. You should additionally update the firmware and software often.


The DesiweMiner K9S is a high-performance, worthwhile, efficient, and reliable cryptocurrency mining rig. If you’re searching for a rig that allows you to make cash mining cryptocurrencies, the K9S is the appropriate desire for you.

Buy DesiweMiner K9S

Buy DesiweMiner K9S

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