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DesiweMiner K10Ultra For Sale, K10Ultra Miner 170T 3485W, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, maximum hash rate is 170Th/s, power consumption is 3485W. Without packaging, the bare metal size of the machine is 402*195.7*299.5mm, without packaging, the bare weight of the machine is 18.7 kg, which is relatively heavy among all cryptocurrency miners.

Manufacturer DesiweMiner
Hashrate, TH/s 170Th/s
Model K10ultra
Power 3485W
Size 402*195.7*299.5
Weight 18.7Kg

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DesiweMiner K10Ultra For Sale, K10Ultra Miner 170T 3485W, Crypto Algorithm is SHA256, most hash rate is 170Th/s, electricity intake is 3485W. Without packaging, the naked metal length of the system is 402*195.7*299.5mm, and the naked weight of the gadget is 18.7 kg, which is pretty heavy amongst all cryptocurrency miners. The suitable operating temperature of the gadget is -10-forty five degrees Celsius, an appropriate running humidity is 10%-ninety%, and an appropriate operating temperature can successfully enhance the service cycle of the system.

Specifications of DesiweMiner K10Ultra

ManufacturerDesiweModelK10Ultra MinerCrypto AlgorithmSHA256Size402*195.7*299.5mmWeight18.7KgFan(s)5Power3485WInterfaceEthernetTemperature-10– forty five °CHumidity10 – 90 %

Introduction of K10ultra Miner

DesiWeminer K10ultra is a cryptocurrency mining device made using Desiwe. It is one of the maximum powerful mining machines in the marketplace. K10ULTRA Miner makes use of the modern-day ASIC era, which can excavate Bitcoin with efficient electricity consumption. Desiwe K10ULTRA also uses a sophisticated warmness dissipation device that may keep stable operation at excessive temperatures. It is a mining gadget this is very suitable for expert miners and may deliver generous advantages to miners.

K10ultra Miner has the subsequent traits:

High computing energy: K10ultra Miner has a 170T computing energy that could tap Bitcoin at excessive efficiency. In this manner K10ULTRA can calculate 170 trillion hash according to 2nd, that’s a great deal quicker than different mining machines.

Low energy consumption: K10ultra Miner’s energy consumption is the handiest 3485W, that’s one of the maximum strength-saving and environmentally friendly mining machines inside the market. This means that K10ultra can dig more Bitcoin per kWh.

High stability: K10ultra Miner uses a sophisticated warmness dissipation gadget to maintain stable operation at excessive temperatures. This manner that K10ultra is not easy to fail and might deliver stable benefits to miners.

High-fee overall performance: K10ultra Miner is a completely fee-effective mining device that may convey generous benefits to miners.

K10ultra Miner additionally has the subsequent benefits:

Easy to use: DesiWeminer K10ultra makes use of an easy-to-use working machine, and miners can effortlessly set and operate.

After-sales provider: DesiWeminer presents an expert after-sales provider, and miners can get a technical guide at any time.

K10ultra Miner additionally has the subsequent traits:

High reliability: K10ultra Miner makes use of wonderful additives to work in harsh environments.

High protection: K10ultra Miner makes use of multiple security features to defend the property of miners.

High scalability: K10ultra Miner K10ultra may be blended into a massive-scale mine, which can improve the blessings for miners.

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency mining gadget with high overall performance, low energy consumption, excessive stability, value-effective, smooth-to-use, excessive reliability, excessive security, and excessive scalability, DesiWeminer K10ultra is your exceptional choice.

Here are some commonplace issues with K10ultra Miner:

How does desiWeminer K10ultra work?

DesiWeminer K10ultra makes use of the ASIC era to dig Bitcoin. ASIC is a chip designed particularly for digging Bitcoin. It can calculate at a greater efficient pace than traditional CPUs and GPUs.

What is the power consumption of DesiWeminer K10ultra?

K10ultra Miner’s electricity consumption is 3485W. This way that it consumes 3485 watts consistently per hour.

What is the noise level of DesiWeminer K10ultra?

The noise degree of K10ultra Miner is ready at 80 decibels. This is equivalent to the noise stage of an ordinary-running computer.

Is the DesiWeminer K10ultra worth buying?

Whether K10ultra Miner is worth buying relies upon your scenario. If you are an expert miner and you’ve sufficient price range to invest, then DesiWeminer K10ultra is an excellent preference. However, if you are just a normal investor, then the DesiWeminer K10ultra may not be suitable for you.

What is the fee for the DesiWeminer K10ultra?

The charge of K10ultra Miner modifications with elements that include cryptocurrency charge markets. For info, please consult us.

Here are a few precautions for buying DesiWeminer K10ultra:

Make sure you purchase a true K10ultra Miner.

Should have enough price range to invest in K10ultra Miner.

Make certain you have got sufficient space to area the K10ultra Miner.

Have enough energy supply

Buy DesiweMiner K10Ultra

Buy DesiweMiner K10Ultra

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