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Whatsminer M53 Price, Microbt Whatsminer M53 250T, Power Ratio is 29J/T, maximum hash rate is 226~250Th/s, power consumption is 6554~7250W, The naked size of the whole machine is 86*482.6*663mm, the naked weight of the machine is 27.5Kg, and the weight of the machine after packaging is 30Kg. The power cable of the M53 needs to be customized and must be at least 16A. The power supply is AC380-480V,3W+ ground, and the input is 10Kw.

Manufacturer Microbt
Model M53S, Whatsminer M53
Hashrate, TH/s 226~250T
Power 6554~7250W
Size 86mm*482.6mm*663mm
Weight 27.5kg

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Whatsminer M53 Price, Microbt Whatsminer M53 250T, M53S For sale, Power Ratio is 29J/T, most hash rate is 226~250Th/s, strength intake is 6554~7250W, The bare length of the complete gadget is 86*482.6*663mm, the naked weight of the device is 27.5Kg, and the load of the system after packaging is 30Kg. The power cable of the M53 wishes to be customized and ought to be a minimum of 16A. The power supply is AC380-480V,3W+ floor, and the input is 10Kw.

Specifications of Whatsminer M53 250Th/s

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M53/M53SHashrate226-250Th/sSize86*482.6*663mmPower Ratio29J/TWeight27.5KgCoolant call for per machineAbout 1LPower6554~7250WInternet ConnectionsEthernet

Introduction of Whatsminer M53

The Whatsminer M53 is a Bitcoin mining device designed and produced using MicroBT, a main producer of mining gadgets inside the cryptocurrency enterprise. This miner became released in 2021 and quickly became famous among Bitcoin miners because of its excessive hash price and energy efficiency.

The Whatsminer M53 has a hash price of 226~250T with an electricity intake of 6554~7250W. This is finished through the use of advanced 10nm ASIC chips and a unique cooling gadget that enables lessening heat era and power intake. Compared to other mining gadgets in the marketplace, the Whatsminer M53 gives one of the highest hash prices in line with the watt of energy intake.

Features of Whatsminer M53

One of the key capabilities of the Whatsminer M53 is its high stage of balance and reliability. It is ready with a distinctly advanced electricity delivery system that gives solid and green electricity to the miner, making sure of uninterrupted operation and the choicest mining overall performance. Additionally, the Whatsminer M53 is geared up with a particularly accurate temperature and humidity sensor that enables it to preserve premiere running conditions for the device.

The Whatsminer M53 is likewise extraordinarily flexible and may use to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies which can be primarily based on the SHA-256 set of rules, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It helps each solo mining and pool mining and can effortlessly integrate into any mining operation.

Good design

The Whatsminer M53 is designed quite simply with use in mind. It equips with a user-friendly interface that lets miners to without difficulty configure and manage the device. Additionally, the tool is exceedingly customizable, and miners can modify numerous settings inclusive of the fan velocity, voltage, and frequency to optimize mining overall performance.

Low noise

The Whatsminer M53 has an extraordinarily low noise stage, making it suitable to be used in residential regions or small mining farms. It has a compact layout and might easily be set up in tight areas, which makes it a famous choice among domestic-based total miners.

Good durability

In phrases of sturdiness, the Whatsminer M53 is built to closing. It constructs with high-quality substances that design to withstand the harsh situations of mining operations. Additionally, the tool equips with superior safety functions that help to guard it against overvoltage, overheating, and other capacity hazards.

Overall, the Whatsminer M53 is an effective and dependable Bitcoin mining device that gives a high level of performance and efficiency. It’s low electricity consumption and excessive hash charge

make it an attractive choice for miners who’re looking to maximize their income while minimizing their strength fees. Its ease of use, versatility, and sturdiness make it a famous desire amongst each home-primarily based and expert miners.

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2– About inventory miners

The delivery date of stock Whatsminer M53 is 3-7 operating days. Once we obtain your order, we will at once notify our technical middle personnel to check the gadget you ordered to make certain it works well. We’ll additionally ship you a video for affirmation. We will send the gadget to you handiest when we verify that each one of the homes of the system is accurate. Then, we can give the device to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill variety on our website and you’ll obtain an in-depth e-mail.

three– About pre-buy miners

The actual shipping date of the pre-ordered miner relies upon the miner transport date of the factory. We will imply on the order page the anticipated shipping month of the pre-ordered miner for your consideration. However, there might also still be a put-off in shipping. First, if delay the factory shipping date, then can even delay the shipping of the X-ON MINING Mining machine. And It is also feasible that the plant will now not be capable of producing the mining device within the anticipated time, in which case we can method your order for money back.

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Buy Hydro Cooling Whatsminer M53

Buy Hydro Cooling Whatsminer M53

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