Buy New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic


IceRiver Miner KS3 For Sale, Brand New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic Mining Machines Arrive in July. The KAS HASHRATE of the machine is 8TH/S(±10%) and the WALL POWER is 3200W/h(±10%). Without packaging, the bare machine size of the machine is 290*195*370 (mm), and the bare machine weight of the machine is 14.7 kg.

Manufacturer IceRiver
Model IceRiver KS3
Hashrate, TH/s 8.00 Th/s
Power 3200W
Noise level 75db
Size 290*195*370 mm
Weight 14.7 Kg

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Buy New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic

IceRiver Miner KS3 For Sale, Brand New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic Mining Machines Arrive in July. The KAS HASHRATE of the machine is 8TH/S(±10%) and the WALL POWER is 3200W/h(±10%). Without packaging, the naked machine size of the device is 290*195*370 (mm), and the bare device weight of the machine is 14.7 kg. And the adaptive voltage of the energy supply is about one hundred seventy-300V AC. The suitable use temperature of the device is 0-35 levels Celsius, suitable to be used in surroundings with humidity of five-95%, and the correct use environment can efficaciously increase the carrier lifestyles of the gadget.

Specification of IceRiver KS3 Miner

Manufacturer IceRiver

Model KS3

Released on July 2023

Hashrate(±10 %) eight.00 Th/s

Power consumption (0±10%) 3200 W

Size (H*W*L) 290*195*370 mm

Weight 14.7 Kg

Noise degree 75 Db

Fan four

Interface Ethernet

Temp zero-35 °C

Humidity five-95 %

Additionnal Infos KAS KS3

IceRiver KS3: Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Mining with Enhanced Performance

(Date, Location) – IceRiver, a main manufacturer within the cryptocurrency industry, is proud to introduce its modern innovation,

the KS3 Miner mining rig. With its exceptional capabilities and overall performance, the IceRiver KS3 is set to redefine the panorama of cryptocurrency mining.

The KS3 Miner, launched in July 2023, is designed to provide miners with extraordinary hash electricity and performance.

With a hash price of eight.00 Th/s (±10%) and electricity consumption of 3200W (±10%), this mining device is optimized to maximize mining output while maintaining strength efficiency.

The argument of KS3 Miner

Built with nice durability in mind, the IceRiver KS3 boasts a compact size, measuring 290195370mm (HWL),

and weighs 14.7kg. This sleek and transportable design permits for smooth integration into mining setups even as making sure choicest space utilization.

One of the standout functions of the IceRiver KS3 is its advanced cooling system. Equipped with 4 effective fanatics, it successfully dissipates warmth,

ensuring solid and efficient operation even for the duration of intense mining classes. The noise level is kept at an achievable 75dB, imparting comfortable mining surroundings.

The KS3 Miner comes with an Ethernet interface, allowing seamless connectivity and clean integration into mining networks.

This guarantees handy setup and tracking of the mining operations, permitting miners to stay on top of things in their performance.

Operating temperature of KS3 Miner

With an endorsed running temperature variety of 0-35°C and humidity tolerance of 5-95%, the IceRiver KS3 is designed to perform optimally in various environmental situations. Its adaptability permits miners to perform in diverse climates and places, improving flexibility and reliability.

IceRiver’s dedication to innovation and client delight is evident in the IceRiver KS3’s meticulous design and overall performance.

The KS3 version builds upon the achievement of its predecessors, incorporating advanced technologies and improvements to supply even more performance and profitability for miners.

As the cryptocurrency mining enterprise keeps to conform, the IceRiver KS3 sets a new trend with its high hash rate, electricity performance,

and dependable performance. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or just starting your mining journey, the IceRiver KS3 gives a powerful answer to help you reap your mining goals.


IceRiver is now accepting orders for the KS3 Miner, and shipping will begin soon. Join the ranks of successful miners and enjoy

the following level of cryptocurrency mining with the IceRiver KS3.

About IceRiver: IceRiver is a renowned producer inside the cryptocurrency enterprise, committed to developing modern mining answers.

With a focal point on performance, reliability, and innovation, IceRiver strives to empower miners internationally.

For more statistics and to area your order, please visit the legitimate IceRiver website.

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Buy New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic

Buy New KS3 Miner 8TH 3200W Asic


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