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Goldshell KD6 Price, Goldshell KD6 For Sale, birth in April 2022, Kadena algorithm, maximum hash rate is 29.2Th/s, power consumption is 2630W, in stock now. Its suitable temperature is 5-45°C, using KAD’s unique Blake2S algorithm, the weight of the whole machine is 8.5 kg, equipped with a conventional fan cooling design, with two fans cooling, and the noise of the tested machine is 80db.

Manufacturer Goldshell
Model KD6 Miner
Also known as KD6 Kadena miner
Cooling Fans
Fan(s) 2
Hashrate, TH/s 29.2Th/s
Power 2630W
Release April 2022
Weight 8.5Kg
Noise level 80db

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Buy Asic Miner Goldshell KD6 KDA

Goldshell KD6 Price, Goldshell KD6 For Sale, beginning in April 2022, Kadena set of rules, maximum hash rate is 29.2Th/s, energy consumption is 2630W, in inventory now. Its appropriate temperature is 5-forty five°C, the use of KAD’s unique Blake2S set of rules, the weight of the entire machine is 8.5 kg, geared up with a traditional fan cooling layout, with lovers cooling, and the noise of the examined device is 80db.

Specifications of KD6 Miner

ManufacturerGoldshellModelKD6Also recognized asKD6 Kadena minerReleaseApril 2022Size200 x 264 x 290mmWeight8500gNoise level80dbFan(s)2Power2630WVoltage176~264VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 45 °CHumidity5 – ninety-five %Additional infosBlake2S set of rules distinct for KDA.

Product Introduce

The computing energy of the KD6 Miner can reach 26.3TH/S, and the running performance has been upgraded on the authentic foundation.

The computational strength consumption ratio is reduced to zero.1W/G, which in addition improves its operating efficiency. It’s also geared up with more advanced cooling technology, which makes it more strong.

KD6 Miner is equipped with Goldshell’s modern high-overall performance computing chip,

which can’t only efficaciously reduce the unit computing strength intake, but additionally make its computing strength boom to 26.3TH/S.

Stable computing power

The KD6 Miner has first-rate and solid computing overall performance, making it one of the maximum powerful KDA mining machines in the enterprise.

Compared with the KD5 mINER, the power performance of the KD6 Miner is similarly improved by way of 20%,

saving more electricity and electricity, and assisting miners to gain better blessings.

Goldshell KD6 adopts the incorporated body design of the whole system, which has the traits of excessive integration, safer, comfort, and area-saving.

At the same time, the heat dissipation shape is deeply optimized, which significantly complements the warmth dissipation performance,

and can efficiently expand the service existence of the product. At the same time, the operating information of KD6 Miner is visually visible,

and the device’s fame is less complicated to test. The history management interface accurately displays the real-time computing power,

common computing power, and computing strength fluctuation records of the miner,

which makes it less complicated to test the equipment jogging fame. Get Goldshell KD6 Price now!

Backed by using Goldshell massive producers, reliable

The Goldshell KD6 Miner is an effective mining device designed for mining cryptocurrencies, specifically coins that use the Kadena algorithm, together with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The tool is manufactured with the aid of Goldshell, a reputable and experienced organization within the crypto-mining industry, recognized for producing first-rate and green mining machines.

The Goldshell KD6 Miner is a compact and easy-to-use tool that includes an impressive hash fee of seven.2 TH/s, which is extra than sufficient for mine-based cryptocurrencies. The device is prepared with six ASIC chips, every with a hash rate of 1.2 TH/s, and consumes the most effective 2630 watts of power, making it one of the most power-green mining gadgets on the market. With such amazing specs, the KD6 is an excellent choice for miners looking to maximize their earnings and ROI.

Features of KD6 Miner

Buy Asic Miner Goldshell KD6 KDA One of the top-notch features of the Goldshell KD6 Miner is its plug-and-play layout. The device comes pre-configured and requires no extra setup, making it clean to use for both skilled and newbie miners. The device connects to the net through an Ethernet cable, and the mining method can be initiated with a simple click of a button. The miner comes with a clean-to-use net-primarily-based interface that permits users to screen the mining process and regulate the settings as needed.

High-pleasant, solid operation

In phrases of build fine, the Goldshell KD6 Miner is constructed to final. The tool is built with great substances and is designed to withstand the rigors of non-stop use. The tool features a complicated cooling gadget that makes use of a combination of air and water to dissipate heat, which enables it to lengthen the lifestyles of the device and save it from overheating.

Low noise

The Goldshell KD6 Miner is also tremendously quiet, generating only 75 decibels of noise at some stage in operation, making it one of the most silent mining devices on the market. This characteristic is mainly useful for miners who perform their machines in residential areas or different noise-sensitive environments.

High performance, low electricity intake

In addition to its superb specs and functions, the Goldshell KD6 Miner is likewise highly efficient in terms of power intake. The tool consumes the most effective 3000 watts of energy, which translates to an electricity performance ratio of zero.417 J/GH. This way that the device is capable of mining cryptocurrencies at a lower price than other mining gadgets with similar hash rates. This makes the Goldshell KD6 Miner a great desire for miners trying to reduce their electricity expenses and maximize their income.

Compatible with quite a few mining swimming pools

Another high-quality characteristic of the Goldshell KD6 Miner is its compatibility with a huge range of mining pools. The device can be configured to mine with several mining swimming pools, allowing miners to select the pool that excellent suits their wishes. This characteristic is mainly beneficial for miners who want to maximize their earnings by mining with a pool that offers exceptional rewards and the lowest charges.

In phrases of charge, the Goldshell KD6 Miner is comparatively cheap as compared to other mining devices with similar specifications. This makes it an attractive choice for miners who’re seeking out a superb mining device that gives a true fee for cash.

In conclusion, the Goldshell KD6 Miner is a powerful, green, and clean-to-use mining device that is ideal for mining cryptocurrencies using the Kadena algorithm. With its brilliant hash fee, low strength consumption, and easy-to-use interface, the KD6 is a fantastic preference for miners looking to maximize their profits and ROI. The tool’s splendid creation, advanced cooling device, and low noise levels make it a great desire for each residential and industrial mining operation. Overall, the Goldshell KD6 Miner is a wonderful preference for all of us trying to enter the sector of cryptocurrency mining.

First of all, thanks for your interest in and support of X-ON MINING. Get Goldshell KD6 Price, To keep away from misunderstandings within the system of purchasing a miner, please examine all the following notes carefully before setting your order. Thank you very plenty for your knowledge!

1 -Payment

Given the specific dynamics of the miner market, whilst we acquire your charge, the miner’s charge may additionally have changed and we may additionally need to refund your order. 

Buy Asic Miner Goldshell KD6 KDA We use batch processing for all mining gadget orders, and the amount of every batch may be very restrained.  Even if the equal sort of mining gadget is, unique batches of mining machine charges are not the same.  They’re promoting fast.  Given the rather variable market and call, the costs of inventory miners may additionally range from every day.  Therefore, there’s an opportunity that by the point we receive your charge, the charge of the mining machine has gone up and we want to refund your order.

2 – About stock miners

The transport date of inventory KD6 miner is three-7 operating days. Once we receive your order, we can right away notify our technical middle group of workers to test the gadget you ordered to make sure it works nicely. We’ll additionally ship you a video for confirmation. We will send the gadget to you most effectively when we verify that every one of the properties of the system is accurate. Then, we can give the device to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill quantity on our website and you may obtain a detailed e-mail.

3 – About pre-buy miners

The actual shipping date of the pre-ordered miner relies upon the miner transport date of the manufacturing unit. We will suggest on the order page the anticipated delivery month of the pre-ordered miner for your attention. However, there may additionally nonetheless be a put off in transport. First, if postpone the factory delivery date, then may also postpone the transport of the quakemining.com device. It is likewise feasible that the plant will no longer be able to produce the mining machine within the predicted time, wherein case we can system your order for reimbursement.

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Buy Asic Miner Goldshell KD6 KDA


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