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Innosilicon A10 7gb ETHMaster Innosilicon A10 Ethmaster was born in September 2019. It is a dedicated cryptocurrency mining machine for ETC/ETH mining. The whole machine is 136 x 285 x 362mm without packaging. The bare weight of the machine is 8.1 kg.

Manufacturer Innosilicon
Model Innosilicon A10 7Gb 500Mh
Release September 2019
Hashrate, TH/s 500Mh/s
Power 750W
Noise level 75db
Size 136 x 285 x 362mm
Weight 8.1Kg

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Innosilicon A10 7gb ETHMaster Innosilicon A10 Ethmaster turned into born in September 2019. It is a committed cryptocurrency mining machine for ETC/ETH mining. The complete machine is 136 x 285 x 362mm without packaging. The naked weight of the machine is 8.1 kg. The system is equipped with a traditional fan cooling layout, with two cooling fans, and the heat dissipation overall performance is very good. The operating temperature of the gadget is 5-forty five levels Celsius, and it needs to operate at five-95% ambient humidity. Appropriate operating surroundings can effectively enhance the performance and provider cycle of the gadget.

Specifications of Innosilicon A10 7gb

ManufacturerInnosiliconModelA10 ETHMaster (500Mh)Also recognized asA10 ETHKingReleaseSeptember 2019Size136 x 285 x 362mmWeight8100gNoise level75dbFan(s)2Power750WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – forty five °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Introduction of Innosilicon A10 Miner:

Innosilicon A10 Miner is an excessive-overall performance ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies consisting of ETC and ETH. Developed by Innosilicon, a main producer of ASIC miners, the A10 Miner is one of the most effective mining rigs available on the market nowadays, boasting an outstanding hash rate of as much as 500 MH/s with a strength intake of 750 watts. This guide will offer a detailed introduction to the Innosilicon A10 Miner, consisting of its functions, specifications, and overall performance.

The Innosilicon A10 7gb Miner is a relatively green and powerful mining system that gives a top-notch performance, low energy intake, and high profitability. It is based on the EtHash set of rules and can mine Bitcoin at a hash rate of up to 500 MH/s, and Litecoin at as much as five.2 GH/s, and Ethereum at up to 500 MH/s. The A10 is geared up with state-of-the-art ASIC chips and has a power intake of most effective 750 watts, making it one of the most energy-efficient mining machines available on the market.

ASIC Technology:

The A10 Miner is constructed with the usage of advanced Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) generation, that’s designed to carry out an unmarried challenge, which includes mining cryptocurrency, with excessive efficiency and speed. ASICs are specially designed to process the mathematical calculations required for mining, making them an awful lot greater efficient than standard-purpose CPUs or GPUs. This affects considerably lower electricity intake and higher hash prices.

Hash Rate:

The A10 Miner has a hash price of up to 500 MH/s, making it one of the maximum effective ASIC miners available on the market. The hash fee is the rate at which the miner can procedure the mathematical calculations required for mining, and a better hash fee method greater mining energy. With its excessive hash charge, the A10 Miner is capable of mining a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, consisting of Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and other cash that use the Ethash set of rules.

Power Consumption:

One of the key benefits of the A10 Miner is its low energy consumption. The miner consumes the handiest 750W of energy, making it a lot extra strength-green than other miners with comparable hash prices. This interprets into decreased electricity costs and higher profitability for miners.

Cooling System:

The A10 Miner is geared up with a complicated cooling system to preserve the miner from jogging easily and save you from overheating. The miner uses a combination of air and liquid cooling to maintain a stable temperature and save you harm to the hardware. The cooling gadget is also designed to perform quietly, making it perfect for domestic mining setups.

Mining Software:

The A10 Miner is well suited with a range of mining software, together with Ethminer, Claymore, and PhoenixMiner. These software applications offer a clean-to-use interface for configuring the miner and tracking its performance. They additionally consist of functions such as automated restarts in case of a hardware failure, which helps to minimize downtime and maximize mining profitability.

Network Connectivity:

The A10 Miner has integrated Ethernet connectivity, permitting it to connect with a neighborhood network and be controlled remotely. This is mainly useful for massive-scale mining operations where a couple of miners want to be managed from a crucial place. The miner also supports more than one mining swimming pool, giving miners the flexibility to exchange between swimming pools to maximize profitability.

Power Supply:

The A10 Miner calls for a 220V strength supply with a minimal capacity of 10A. The electricity supply isn’t included with the miner and ought to be purchased one at a time. It is crucial to choose an outstanding power delivery to ensure the strong and dependable operation of the miner.

Dimensions and Weight:

The A10 Miner has a compact layout and measures 362mm x 136mm x 285mm. It weighs about eight.55kg, making it clean to transport and install.


The Innosilicon A10 Miner is an excessive-overall performance ASIC miner that is ideal for mining Ethereum and other Ethash-based total cryptocurrencies. With its excessive hash price, low strength intake, and advanced cooling device, the A10 Miner offers a compelling combination of performance and efficiency. Its compatibility with more than a few mining software programs and community connectivity alternatives additionally makes it a bendy and versatile choice for miners. Overall, the A10 Miner is an amazing desire for miners searching for a powerful and dependable ASIC miner.


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Buy a10 ETHMaster 500Mh

Buy a10 ETHMaster 500Mh


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