Affiliate and Bounty Campaign

Affiliate Bonus


Share your referral link to gain 5% referral bonus on their Quake Token purchase.
Token distribution will take place 14 days after the end of ICO.

Quake Mining Bounty Campaign

Total Bounty – 1.5 million tokens


We believe in a decentralised economy and a thriving cryptocurrency community. We are now starting a bounty campaign, so participants can help us tell about Quake Mining to the world, and get free tokens as a bounty reward.

  • In the Quake Mining ICO, there will be 33,000,000 Quak tokens issued in total.
  • As a bounty reward, we will distribute 1,500,000 Quak tokens, which equals to 4.55% from all Quake tokens issued in ICO
  • Pro-rated if the hard cap is not reached in ICO.

After you have created an account, just spread information about Quake Mining ICO in crypto-community as wide as possible by following the simple instructions in this post. By completing bounty tasks you will receive bounty-stakes, which are divided into the following categories: twitter, facebook, youtube, bitcointalk, signature, campaign, bitcointalk translation and moderation, writing blog posts and posting articles in popular media. When ICO finished we will distribute 1 500 000 tokens proportionally to your bounty stakes in each category.


We are organizing multiple contests in different categories where you can win Quake Token. 350 000 tokens are allocated for the contests and will be distributed at end of ICO, winners will be chosen by Quake Mining founders during the second week of the ICO.

There will be the contest in these categories:

  • Futuristic and high tech video of Quake mining
  • Video review of our project
  • Meme
  • Logo
  • Quake coin design
  • Cinematic Intro

All details about the contests are on our bounty campaign thread here.



We will distribute 1 500 000 tokens in proportion to the number of stakes each bounty campaign participant has earned in each category. For example, after counting all Twitter retweets, we will make a table where everyone who reposted will see their personal bounty stakes earned in the Twitter category.

  • Since there are 160,000 Quak tokens dedicated to the Twitter category, those tokens will be distributed between all members participating the bounty campaign according to the number of stakes they have earned. Then we will continue to the Facebook category, then BTT Signature campaign, etc. To summarise, the stakes earned in each campaign will NOT be pooled together but rather the tokens in each category will be divided into each category separately.
  • Once all of the stakes are counted, you will see your Quak tokens in your Quake Mining account. The tokens will be distributed 14 days after the end of ICO.
  • If an account is found to provide any posts that are false, fake, misleading or fraudulent claims for bounty stakes your entire account’s claims have no claim to any bounty tokens and will be considered void, this action for this behavior is to protect our good member’s stakes.
  • Record this email, bounty manager email, if you have any questions regarding the bounty campaign or if you need assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

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